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P. Password Maintenance

Passwords are used to control who may do what within an application


Click on "P. Password Maintenance" from the Main Menu of any NEMRC module. The following window will appear (not the same exact window, as the privileges will change between modules):


  1. Click on the drop down arrow, and choose the password you wish to edit or delete.
  2. To create a new password, click on the "New" button. The following window appears:


The password may be up to 8 characters long. It will automatically appear in upper case letters and you may use numbers. When the individual who will use this password types it in, it will not be case sensitive. Click on "OK" after you typed in the password.

Now you may set the privileges for this password.


Once you have selected the password you wish to edit/delete or create a new password, you may change the Privileges that are set for that password.

The following is an example of a General Ledger Module Password Maintenance screen.


  1. If this password is to be for the Supervisor of this module, then check (by clicking) the box next to Supervisor Level Access. Otherwise, choose which privileges someone who used this password to log into this module may have.
  2. OK : Click "OK" to save the changes to the passwords privileges.
  3. Cancel : Click "Cancel" to return to the Main Menu without saving any changes.
  4. Delete : Click "Delete" if you want to delete this password. Be sure that you have at least one password set to Supervisor Level Access, or else you will lose Supervisor capabilities and will need to contact NEMRC to gain them back.