Utility Billing FAQ

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Adding a Comment to a Bill

You can create a Comment to appear on a Bill for only a specific Account, or create a Comment that will appear on all Bills by default.

  1. Create the Comment that you wish to appear on the Bill. This is done through "8. Comment Maintenance" off the Main Menu. At this point you are only creating the Comment, you are NOT setting it to appear on any Bill.
  2. To have the Comment appear for only a specific Account, locate the Account in "6. Account Maintenance" and go to the "Other" tab. Select the comment code for each Bill. These comments will appear on this Account's Bill(s) instead of the comment that is set in "I. Installation Options."
  3. To have the Comment appear on all Bills by default, go to "I. Installation Options" off the Main Menu. Under "Default bill comment code" select the code of the Comment you want to use for all Bills. Keep in mind that if a comment code is attached to an individual bill through "6. Account Maintenance" in the "Other" tab, then the comment related to that code will appear on the bill, and not the comment related to the code used in "I. Installation Options."

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