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March 15th - Rutland, VT
March 19th - South Burlington, VT
March 20th - Fairlee, VT
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Special Announcement

Recently, a private company that provides cybersecurity services posted a blog report outlining the results of a security audit it performed in 2017 for a NEMRC client. The report outlined what that company perceived as potential security vulnerabilities within NEMRC’s software. The company reported these potential vulnerabilities to NEMRC in 2018, and NEMRC responded by releasing improvements to its core system. All vulnerabilities outlined by the company, whether actual or speculative, have been addressed and resolved by NEMRC. Please call Ernie directly at 802-528-1562 if you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss this further.

NEMRC Document Delivery Service

Some of the NEMRC programs and reports will allow for documents to be delivered by NEMRC's Document Delivery Service (NDDS). The NDDS removes the known difficulties with managing document delivery via email. The NDDS is a pay per piece service similar to the post office. The billing for the NDDS will be by the month. More Info

NEMRC Cloud Services

NEMRC Cloud Services is a new offering to NEMRC clients. NEMRC will host and maintain a server environment for all NEMRC applications. This system is accessed over broadband internet connection and is optimized to run NEMRC applications faster than most new on premises server setups. More Info

Video Library

NEMRC is now offering recorded webinars that you may access through our website. You will be asked to create an account so that you may login and select the video you would like to view.
Get started here: Video Library

Web Data: Your data online

NEMRC offers a Web Data service where you can now put any of your NEMRC and MSOL data on line using NEMRC's web search tool. Clients have full control over data that may be searched or viewed down to a single field. More Info