NEMRC Disaster Recovery Program

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NEMRC Disaster Recovery Program

NEMRC offers the Disaster Recovery Agreement (DRA) to its clients to help automate the off-site backup of NEMRC data. The agreement includes setup, monitoring, storage of backups off-site and next-day data restoration services.

How does it work?

Clients sign an agreement with NEMRC.

NEMRC contacts client to set up an automated backup through Windows to send a file to NEMRC's server. NEMRC then backs up this server to a secondary server for protection. NEMRC keeps this data for two years in the event you need historical data.

A regular backup occurs, and NEMRC monitors the backup to see that it is being sent properly and at the expected time.

If it fails more frequently than 3 times sequentially, NEMRC contacts the client to assist in identifying the problem.

If the town cannot function for technical or emergency reasons, NEMRC will restore your data and programs on a system of your choice, or if necessary, will provide a temporary system, printer and checks so that work can be completed.


NEMRC has two DRA programs - one for NEMRC data including accounting and town clerk modules, and one for the CAMA appraisal system data. A town which only uses Grand List module and CAMA can use the CAMA package to backup their data. Each backup agreement is sold separately. For current pricing, please contact NEMRC at 800-387-1110.

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