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4. Parcel Transfers


Click on "4. Parcel Transfers" from the Main Menu and the following window will appear:

Parcel Transfers


  1. Step 1: Choose add or edit: Choose whether you are adding a Parcel or Editing a Parcel. If you choose Edit, item 2 will appear.
  2. Select a sequence number: Select the Parcel to Edit.
  3. Step 2...: Select whether you want to Transfer the Parcel, or Split the Parcel. If you choose "Split Parcel" then item 13 will appear.
  4. Date to Record Transfer: Enter the date that this transfer took place on.
  5. Land Record Book: Enter the Land Record book that this Parcel appears in.
  6. Page(s): Enter the page(s) in the Land Record book that this Parcel appears on.
  7. Transfer ID: Enter an ID for this Transfer.
  8. Sale price: Enter the price that this Transfer was for.
  9. Valid: Click to un-check this box if the Sale Price is not Valid.
  10. Valid/Invalid Price Reason: Enter the reason that the Sale Price was or was not valid.
  11. Misc Info: Enter any miscellaneous information about this Transfer.
  12. Step 3: Locate the Parcel that is to be split or transferred.
  13. Step 4: This section appears if you chose "Split Parcel" in item 3. Click on the field (item 14) to create a new Parcel ID/Name.
  14. Click on the next available row to create a new Parcel ID and Name. This is where you define the new Parcels that the Parcel selected in item 12 (step 3) will be split in to. Then click on a Parcel ID, and click "Modify" (item 17) to enter the new Parcel's Data.
  15. Save: Click "Save" to save the changes.
  16. Modify: Select a Parcel from Step 4 (item 13) and click "Modify" to edit the Parcel data. The Parcel will then be opened in the Parcel Maintenance window. Refer to "1. Parcel Maintenance" for more information.
  17. Cancel: Click "Cancel" to cancel and return to the Main Menu.

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