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Preparing an AP Warrant

If you have open purchase orders that remain on your backordered report and you would like to clean them up:

  1. Go to "8. PO/Requisition Menu" from the Main Menu, then go to "R. Reports Menu" from the Purchase Order/Requisition Menu.
  2. Print "3. Backordered Goods" report.
  3. Go back to the Purchase Order/Requisition Menu, and choose "1. Add/Edit Purchase Orders. "
  4. Enter a Purchase Order/Requisition Number from the Backordered Goods report.
  5. Go to the "Items" tab and change the units to the actual received figure from the Backordered Goods report.
  6. Save and Exit.
  7. Go to the Main Menu.
  8. Transfer the data to the General Ledger through "A. Transfer Data to G/L."

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