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8. PO/Requisition Menu: 7. Approve Requisitions


Click on "8. PO/Requisition Menu" from the Main Menu and the following window will appear:


Click on "7. Approve Requisitions" from the Reports Menu and the following window will appear:

Approve Requisitions


  1. Location code to Approve? (Blank for All): Enter the location code used to limit the requisitions for review. The location code often determines the point of requisition origin and these codes are defined in installation. You may select from the drop down list.
  2. Mark approved requisitions within budget and requisition amount not greater than?: All requisitions that pass the test to be with in the available budget per reference account and be under the amount entered here can be automatically approved with item 4.
  3. View/Modify Approvals: Click this button if you want to approve individual requisitions. The window shown below will appear.
  4. Approve and Report: Click this button to complete the approval process and generate a report showing what options were taken.
  5. Cancel: Click "Cancel" to cancel and return to the previous screen.


  1. (Y)es,(N)o,Blank for Later: Enter the appropriate option for each requisition shown.
  2. OK: Click "OK" to save changes and return to the Main Menu.

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