Accounts Receivable Support Document

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A. Adjusting Entries: 4. Edit Printed Invoice Descriptions


Click on "3. Adjusting Entries" from the Main Menu and the following window will appear:


Click on "4. Edit Printed Invoice Descriptions" from the Adjusting Entries Menu and the following window will appear:

Edit Printed Invoice Descriptions


  1. Find : Enter the Customer number or Name or click "Find" and locate the Customer from the list.


  2. Invoice Number : Type in the Invoice Number or click on the drop down arrow and select from there.
  3. Selector : Enter the service code to modify the description of or select from the drop down list.
  4. New Description : The present description will appear and can be altered.
  5. OK : Click "OK" to save the description changes made. There will NOT be a saved record of the original descriptions used.
  6. Cancel : Click "Cancel" to cancel and return to the previous screen.

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