Accounts Receivable Support Document

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4. Calculate Interest


Click on "4. Calculate Interest" from the Main Menu and the following window will appear:

Calculate Interest


  1. Calculate interest on invoices printed on or before? : Enter the date for which any original invoice printing took place on or before and that still has a remaining balance to consider for charging interest. Use the Service Code Maintenance area to adjust the interest percentage on the interest code provided on your screen. Interest is usually calculated on the same day each month, if calculated at all.
  2. Preview Proof Sheet : Click this button to preview. Refer to GENERAL PREVIEW for more information.
  3. Print Proof Sheet : Click this button to print. Refer to GENERAL PRINTING for more information.
  4. Calculate : Click "Calculate" to calculate the interest on invoices printed on or before the date entered.
  5. Cancel : Click "Cancel" to cancel and return to the previous screen.

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