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Registering Dogs with Pet Dealer Permits and Breeding (or Special) Licenses

When you are asked to register dogs with a Pet Dealer Permit and Breeding License, you need to do the following steps:

(This example assumes a pet dealer and breeding license is being purchased all at once, for 10 dogs total)

  1. You will still be issuing the dog owner a paper license for each dog, and each dog will still be getting a tag.
  2. You will have to complete each of the pet dealer permits and the breeding license paperwork provided by the state, as well as give the owner any other documentation required by law.
  3. Remember, each pet dealer fee is $25. This full amount stays with the town.
  4. Each breeding license is broken down as follows: $30 for the license (which stays with the town), and $1 for the state rabies control program fee – this is for up to 10 dogs. Dogs 11+ are $3 each (and this fee also stays with the town).
  5. Therefore, the fees you will collect should be $56: $25 pet dealer fee + $30 breeder license + $1 state rabies control program fee.

In order to record a license in NEMRC where a Pet Dealer Permit and a Breeding License is purchased, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Enter the first dog into the system, and put the fees as follows: $30 in the fee box, $1 in the state, (if the dog is late, put the appropriate fees in the late box), $25 in the pet dealer box, and ALSO check the breeder box beside the owner’s first name box.
  2. Now, on all the rest of the dogs, you will put zero in every fee box (again, unless the dog has a late fee), and you will NOT check the breeder box for any further dogs. The breeder box needs to be checked on only the first dog entered.
  3. When you do your state fee report, you will then see that while it does show $1 needs to go to the state for the state rabies control program, it does NOT show the $3 for the spaying/neutering surcharge.

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