Cash Receipts FAQ

Cash Receipts to Animal Module Link

1. In cash receipts, in installation, click "link to dogs"

2. In cash receipts, in installation, make sure that "use customer account numbers" is clicked

3. When you go to post money in cash receipts, the first box on the screen should be "account" - if this doesn't show up, you will need to call support so we can set that up for you

4. In cash receipts, go to #2 code table maintenance. Here you will need to set up a new code specifically for renewal dog information. When you set this code up, make sure to click the "link to animal" box first, then "link to general ledger" box second - if you don't click the "animal" box first, it will be hidden and you won't be able to click it. Make sure to load the entity you are working with. Then, put in the account numbers this code will post against. Also, click default posting code, click save, then return

5. LOAD BALANCES - whenever you make a change, you need to LOAD BALANCES - if you don't remember to load balances, the information from the dog program will not be updated in the cash receipts program. (Please be sure that all other users are out of Cash Receipts before you load balances.)

6. Now, in Cash Receipts, go to #1 post transactions - find the "account #" (this will be the renewed dog's old tag #) and pull that up - fill in the dog information that pops up on the screen, save, then go back to the main screen and complete the financial part of the posting - you will have to bring the total fee forward on the cash receipts screen - save and receipt or just save.

7. Then, when you're done posting for the day, you can transfer to the animal module - a report will print, showing what is being transferred. Then, when you go to the dog program, you will receive the information into dogs. Once you receive the data from cash receipts, it will automatically populate the dog license with the new information.

Remember - the new code you set up should be used for those dogs that are being processed through cash receipts that are RENEWALS of dog licenses. Any NEW dog licenses that are processed should be posted under your OLD dog code.

Also, this process is for RENEWALS only - you can't register a new dog through cash receipts and have it transfer to the dog program.

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