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"File" option is available for your convenience throughout each application.


To save a file, click the File button. The following window will appear (the "Save As" window may vary in appearance):


  1. Save in : Click on the drop down arrow to select the location/folder where you wish to save your file.
  2. Click the "arrow" button to go back to the previous folder.
  3. Click to go "up" a level in the folder list.
  4. Click to create a new folder in the selected location. Enter the name of the folder and hit "enter" on your keyboard.
  5. Click to select a different list option.
  6. Save File As : Enter your name for the repor t/ file / export.
  7. Save as type : Enter type of file for report/file/export. You may click the drop down arrow for a list of file type choices. The most frequently used file type, for this option, is "File (*.txt)."
  8. Save : Click "Save" to save the file to the location/folder indicated and close the window.
  9. Cancel : Click "Cancel" to close the window without saving.
  10. Help : Click "Help" for additional assistance with saving files.

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