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General Ledger - How to Mass Reconcile checks

When you reconcile a checking account for the first time using the Nemrc Windows General Ledger it is suggested that you mass reconcile checks prior to the check date on the first returned item on your current bank statement. Using the mass reconciliation will allow you to reconcile all your older checks, older deposits and older withdraws in one process, instead of individually reconciling each older item.

The following steps will guide you through this procedure:

1. Using your current bank statement, find out the check date (not the cashed date) of the earliest check that has cleared on this statement. We will now refer to this as the [checkdate] in the following steps.

2. In the General Ledger, select option #8 Account Reconcilition

3. Enter the general ledger account number you will be reconciling

4. In the box labeled "Do not show checks dated on or after", enter the [checkdate] (the earliest check that cleared on your bank statement).

5. In the box labeled "Beginning Bal. On Statement", leave it blank.

6. In the box labeled "Ending Bank on Statement", put the bank statement date you are working with, for example, 10/31/00.

7. Click on the checks tab, click the "Mark All" button.

8. Click on the deposits tab, click the "Mark All" button.

9. Click on the withdraw tab, click the "Mark All" button

Steps 7,8, and 9 will mark all the checks, deposits and withdraws as reconciled using the date you entered in the field "Do not show checks dated on or after"

10. 10-Click the save button at the bottom of the screen. Clicking save will remove the reconciled checks, deposits and withdraws. Now you are ready to begin your first bank statement. You may edit the beginning and ending balances on the reconciliation screen.

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