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Catamount HC Contributions Calculation

NEMRC Install screen will provide a Yes No answer for whether or not your employer provides (pays for some if not all) of an employees health care coverage.

NEMRC will provide two input areas on the employee maintenance screen.

FTE - Full Time Equivalent - A decimal value - A value of 1 for the purposes of this report will make this employee 1 FTE. A value of .75 will make the employee a 3/4 contribution employee. If the value is left blank, the calculated value of FTE will be 1 for salaried employees or for hourly employees the hours will be added up and divided by 520 with a maximum of 1 for each employee. In other words one employee who works 80 hours a week cannot be considered 2 FTE.

Uninsured - If an employer does not pay for all or part of insurance costs all employees are considered uninsured. If the employer does provide and the employee does not partake and has no other means of insurance then that employee is also uninsured. If you are not sure if an employee is considered uninsured please follow the link below:

Below is a link to FAQ on Vermont Department of Employment and Training

Based on the above NEMRC will calculate your HC contribution as follows.

For each employee worked in a quarter, NEMRC will analyze their hours worked to determine the FTE, take 1 for salaried employees, or use your FTE number up to a value of 1. NEMRC will add all of these FTEs up and subtract the amounts allowed by law. If the net result is greater than 0, NEMRC will multiply that times the state define rate to determine the employers contribution.

NEMRC will report the HC contribution in PRCUS35 and through the Reports Menu, "M. State Unemployment Report."

There are NO CHANGES at this time to the Magnetic Media portion of unemployment reporting. All data will be reported back to the state on form C-101 which accompanies the magnetic media disk.

All changes as specified above will start in Payroll version 7.4u

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