"Invalid Seek Offset" error and NEMRC

This is an urgent issue and may result in data loss or file corruption for the users. Please have this issue resolved immediately by your technician and/or contact NEMRC for further assistance.

This Windows error is caused by delays in accessing network drives, found most commonly in peer to peer networking environments.

Some of the potential causes:

  1. Bad router/switch or bad ports/wiring.
  2. Server system is busy or overloaded or does not have enough RAM
  3. Third party antivirus or firewalls are delaying read-write. Make exceptions for NEMRC folders on shares and do not run real-time protections on network drives.
  4. Users are not authenticated or have proper rights on host system.
  5. Off-site backup applications are locking files.

Please contact NEMRC Support (800-387-1110) immediately if you begin having these problems, and contact your technician for assistance. NEMRC can provide network and IT support if needed.

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