Tax Administration FAQ

Set up and Print Agreements

Agreements are just that. For instance Joan Smith owes 1,200 dollars of delinquent taxes on her property. The delinquent tax collector and her come up with terms that she will pay $100 dollars per month until the past due taxes are paid. You can track and print these documents by using the Agreement section of the program. Agreements may be created in 2 areas of the program. The first one is in 'Add History' the other is 'Change Parcel Information' both are located on the Main menu. In either place simply select the tab labeled 'Agreements'. Once you click on agreements simply type up the agreed terms.

Now you can go to the Reports menu and select '8' Agreements' make the appropriate selections and print. Below is an example of an agreement report.

01/16/2003            Town of Rockingham Tax Administration               Page 1
04:31 pm                        Agreement Report                     
CHRIS                        For Parcel 235010115-

Parcel                Year       Name                                Exempt From
235010115-            2002       HAWKINS FRANK                            
Posted Cash Receipts for the Period   /  /    -  /  /    : 0.00
Current Account Balance: 3190.76
*********************************** Agreement **********************************
  Joan Smith agrees to pay 1200.00 for the next 20


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