Tax Administration

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1. Reclassify Amounts Due

Reclassify Amounts due is rarely used, and will allow you to change amounts due for Principal, Interest, Penalty, Other and Credits. You CANNOT change the Grand Total Amount.


Click on "3. Adjusting Entries" and the following window will appear:


Consider the description that appears when you place the mouse over "1. Reclassify Amounts Due." Click "1. Reclassify Amounts Due" and the following window will appear:


  1. Select the Parcel you are seeking. For additional information on finding Parcels, refer to TA GENERAL PARCEL LOOKUPS.
  2. Reason for adjustment: Type a reason for this adjustment. This is a required field.
  3. Current Amounts Due: These are the original amounts that were due.
  4. The original Principal due per payment.
  5. The original Interest due per payment.
  6. The original Penalty due per payment.
  7. The original Other charges due.
  8. Change Values To: What you wish to change the original amounts to. Remember that the total net of all values MUST remain the same.
  9. Principal: What you wish to change the Principal amount to per payment.
  10. Interest: What you wish to change the Interest amount to per payment.
  11. Penalty: What you wish to change the Penalty amount to per payment.
  12. Other: What you wish to change the Other charges amount to.
  13. Credit: What you wish to change the available Credit amount to.
  14. Perform Adjustment: Click "Perform Adjustment" to complete this adjustment. Print a new Detail Transaction report and Status Report to follow the transactions applied.
  15. Cancel: Click "Cancel" to cancel and return to the previous screen.

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