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Processing Direct Debits

Setting up Parcels for Direct Debits

Choose "6. Change Parcel Information" off the Main Menu. Choose the Parcel that needs to be changed to use Direct Debits. Go to the "Direct Debits" tab and fill out the appropriate information.

  • Direct Debit Last Name must exactly match the Parcel identification name and Bank Account Holder's Name must exactly match the account name in the bank records.
  • ABA, Account and Account Type fields should be provided to you by taxpayer, via enrollment form. Enrollment forms should be available from your bank.
  • Make sure to exit the screen using "OK" and not "Cancel."

Choose "E. Process Direct Debits" off the Main Menu. You may process direct debits either for individual Parcels or for all Parcels (All Parcels that are set up for Direct Debits).

  • Individual - select the Parcel, Tax Year and payment period.
  • All Parcels - select the Tax Year and payment period.

Processing Direct Debits

View Proof Report - The Proof Report shows data that will be included in ACH file for your bank. Please review the Proof Report for accuracy prior to creating your ACH file.

Create Bank ACH File - This is the file you will send to your bank for processing. Enter information in blank fields (DFI information can be provided by your bank). If fields are already populated, please review for accuracy. A Prenote is a test file that may be required for initial setup - please consult with your bank for further information. After completing this information:

  • Click "Create File" at the bottom of the screen. To save your information to a diskette, insert a diskette into your disk drive at this time and click "OK." If you are not saving to diskette, just click "OK."
  • After clicking "OK," the "Save As" box will appear. In the "Save in" field, select the drive in which you want to save the data. In the "File name" field, enter your file name (file name can be anything you choose - default file name is "bankxfer") and click "Save." It is important to remember where you saved this file, and what the file name is.
  • After clicking "Save," the file will be created and message box will appear to indicate that the process is finished and the ACH file was created successfully. Click "OK" - this will bring you back to the "Direct Debit Processing" screen.
  • After the ACH file has been created, it must be sent to your bank for processing.

Create Payment Record - This procedure will allow you to process payments for your own records. Click on "Create Payment Record" - once process has run, a message box will appear. The message box will indicate that the process is complete and direct you to use the "Cash Receipts Report" from the "R. Reports Menu." to review payments (temporary cash receipts). Information contained in the Cash Receipts Report and the Proof Report should be identical. After you have reviewed both reports for accuracy, use "2. Post Cash Receipts" to apply the payments. To ensure accuracy and avoid duplicate entries, we recommend creating a payment record only after you have viewed the Proof Report for accuracy, and after creating the Bank ACH file.

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