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Tracking Agreements

Agreements are for tracking customers who are behind in payments and have made arrangements for payments.

The following is an example: Joan Smith owes 1,200 dollars of delinquent taxes on her property. The delinquent tax collector and Joan come up with terms that she will pay 100 dollars per month until the past due taxes are paid.

You can enter the details of Agreements and print reports in the program. Agreements may be created in two areas of the program.

The first place is in "7. Add History" and the other is "6. Change Parcel Information," both located on the Main Menu.

When typing up an Agreement in "7. Add History," you must enter the Agreement when you add the history. If there is no an Agreement at the time you add the history, but later an Agreement is made, you must add it through "6. Change Parcel Information."

Select the tab labeled "Agreements" from either location during entry. Once in the tab, type up the agreed terms in the area provided. The best practice is to enter clear concise information.

Make Agreements following a uniform cycle for ease of monitoring.
The example above might read:

"$100 per month until paid in full."

These Agreements can be made on a single Tax Year record or be applied to all Tax Years during entry. When all Agreements are monitored once a month it is manageable to follow up.

Monitoring is done by printing "8. Agreements" from the Reports Menu.

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