Tax Administration

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8. Refund Credits


Click on "8. Refund Credits" off the Main Menu and the following window will appear:


  1. Parcel ID: Locate the Parcel who is to receive the refund. Refer to TA GENERAL PARCEL ID LOOKUPS for more information on finding Parcels.
  2. Year: Enter the tax year holding the credit to be refunded for this Parcel.
  3. Amount to Refund: Click the field, and type in the amount to be refunded.
  4. Perform Adjustment: Click "Perform Adjustment" to create the refund. This will prompt for a debit memo to print. Use this memo to create an invoice to pay the tax payer. This activity will not transfer to the General Ledger when linked.
  5. Cancel: Click "Cancel" to cancel and return to the previous menu.

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