Utility Billing FAQ

Establishing an Account

Account Maintenance determines how an account gets billed, the order a meter appears during posting readings, and a summary by service of account balances.

  1. Account Maintenance is where an unlimited number of rates can be assigned to an account.
  2. Any Rate assigned to an account that is based on a meter being read must be attached to one of the meters assigned to that account. The same meter can be attached to multiple rates.
  3. Accounts can be accessed by number, name, address or location. Consistent use of each of these fields will allow maximum flexibility.
  4. Bill form comments, minimum billing rates, mailing address, book and sequence can all be assigned within Account Maintenance.
  5. A relationship to consumption of meters assigned to another account can be made in Account Maintenance.
  6. . Meter information including readings can be maintained for each meter assigned to an account.
  7. Units charged to any rate can be maintained in Account Maintenance.
  8. A summary of current balance information can be viewed in Account Maintenance.

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