Utility Billing FAQ


How to check data related to a single account:

  • To find a summary of currently active bills ( outstanding or paid within this period ) print the Billing Register Report for the individual account to include all due dates for printed records without searching history. To consider all due dates including bills that were paid in previous periods include search history. This report in summary will show amounts billed and paid by each bills due date. This report in detail will show the breakout of what was billed and when payment was applied to each given due date. Summary reporting is from the master files, detail is from the transaction files. This report may also be run for all un-printed records for due dates in detail which will show the calculations used to reach the new charges figure shown on the Billing Proof Sheet report.
  • To find the order of activity (transactions) on currently active bills, run the Detail Transaction Report for the date range you wish to see. Show all transaction type except deposits if you use them, deposits are not part of the account balance used during billing. Transactions that are marked as printed (verses un-printed) have an affect on the account balance. Transactions that are un-printed reflect new billing figures that are calculated, but the bill has not yet been printed. This report is generated from the transaction files.
  • To determine Cash Receipt postings run the Cash Receipts Report, for the date range concerned. This is generated from the transaction file for records related to cash receipting only. This report can be run a variety of ways, the default answer result in the minimum number of lines to show account payments by service and details the totals at the bottom of the report.
  • A summary of billing, penalty, interest, credit, un-printed billing and net balances by service can be generated by printing the Billing Proof Sheet. This report is generated from the current master file.
  • A report to show the current state of the data related to the account as it appears in Account Maintenance may be obtained by printing the Account Listing for an individual in detail. The summary of this report with provide a net balance per service combining all bills, interest, penalty and credits that have occurred into one number per service. This report is generated from the account file.

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