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B. Period Close

If you are closing the fiscal year:

  • Enter all receipts for the end of the fiscal year.
  • Transfer to General Ledger (be sure to accept into period 12)


Click on "B. Period Close" off the Main Menu. You will be asked to create a restore point:


You should choose "Yes" to create a restore point. It may take a few minutes, and you will be notified when the restore point was created successfully. The following window will appear:


If you created a restore point, then you have backed up your data. To run a detail transaction report, refer to "R. Reports Menu."

  1. Date to base aging on : The date that is the end of this Period.
  2. Delete old fully... : Click to check this box. This will delete old fully paid bills with no activity since the date specified in 3.
  3. Date : The date to delete old fully paid bills with no activity since.
  4. Remove inactive... : Click to check this box to remove all inactive accounts with no billing history.
  5. Close : Click "Close" to close this period. Be sure that NO other users or windows are in this module.
  6. Cancel : Click "Cancel" to return to the Main Menu.

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