Voter Checklist Support Document

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R. Reports Menu: 8. Challenged Voter Report


Click on "R. Reports Menu" from the Main Menu and the following window will appear


Click on "8. Challenged Voter Report" from the Reports Menu and the following window will appear:

Challenged Voter Report


  1. Districts: Enter the District you want the report to be for OR leave Blank for all.
  2. FoxPro Filter Expression: A conditional reporting expression developed with NEMRC support. This evaluates account information to determine if the account should be included. Contact NEMRC support to learn more about this option.
  3. Include mailing address?: Click to choose whether the mailing address is included in this report.
  4. Order: Click on the circle next to the order you want the report to print in.
  5. Print: Click this button to print. Refer to GENERAL PRINTING for more information.
  6. Preview: Click this button to preview. Refer to GENERAL PREVIEW for more information.
  7. Cancel: Click "Cancel" to cancel and return to the previous screen.

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