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911 Street drop downGrand List
Seminar Handouts
Barcode Setup
Incorrect Housesite
Keeping State Payments
Data Dictionary


Annual RolloverParcel Transfers / Subdivisions
Real Data ExtractStandard ImportStandard Import Specifications (PDF)

Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District

TIF District Setup

Main Menu

1. Parcel MaintenanceA. Transfer to Tax Admin
3. Annual Rollover
4. Parcel Transfers
6. Make New EntityE. Create Grand List Copy
9. State Current Use Maintenance
10. Upload to VTPIE

Calculate Taxes
Parcel Transfers and SplitsTransfer All Taxes to Tax Admin
Non Taxable & State Owned LandTransfer adjustments to Tax AdminSales Study Steps
Transfer Land Record data to the Grand ListForm 427 InstructionsSales Study instructions

HS-122 Declarations & Payments

Downloading HS 122 PaymentsHomestead Exception ReportsLister Response
Downloading HS 122 FilesHs 122 filed after September
Clearing HS 122Flagging Parcels for HS - 122 Letter

Parcel Maintenance

911 Drop Down MenuAdding a New ParcelCovenant Restricted Housing
Changing Parcel ID'sSending Changes from As
Billed to Current Grand List

Reports Menu

1. Grand ListA. Mailing/Lister Card Labels
2. Non-tax ParcelsB. Contracts
3. State Land ParcelsC. Veterans Exemptions
4. Form 411D. Farm Stabilization
5. Tax BookE. Current Use Exemptions
7. Grievance ProcessesF. Leased Land
9. Transfers ReportG. Transaction Report
H. Export Data
J. Special Exemptions
L. Inactive Parcels
O. Compare other Grand List


Exporting DataFirst American Export of Grand ListFirst American Grand
List Export Fields
Result of GrievanceElectronic Filing of Grand List / 411State Export Field Listing
Printing Tax BillsComparison ReportsHomestead Exception Reports
Revised Tax Billing ProcedureMoving DataAct 68 Warnings
State Treasurer's ReportMoving Non-Value DateHow to read your 411 report

Reports for Reconciling

Reports for ReconcilingReports for Reconciling TaxesSteps for Reconciling Taxes

2007 Tax Bills

Layout for generic Tax Bill with 1 paymentLayout for generic Tax Bill with 2 paymentsLayout for generic Tax Bill with 3 payments
Layout for generic Tax Bill with 4 payments

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