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Cash Flow Process
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Apply Credits


Adding Previously Delinquent TaxesAdjust Amounts BilledAgreements
Apply Mass CreditsCalculating Penalty and InterestClosing Fiscal Year
Delinquent Tax NoticesDirect DebitsHow to: Credits
HS-122's AdjustmentsImporting 3rd Party Cash
(First American/ for example)
Processing Direct Debits
Posting CreditsPosting PaymentsRecording Payments
Reports for Reconciling TaxesReversing Cash ReceiptsSteps for Reconciling Taxes
Tracking Agreements

Main Menu

1. Cash ReceiptsA. Transfer to GL
2. Post Cash ReceiptsB. Transfer to AP
4. Calculate InterestC. Close Tax Year
5. Calculate PenaltyE. Process Direct Debits
6. Change Parcel InformationI. Installation Maintenance
7. Add History
8. Refund Credits
10. Display Status

Adjusting Entries

1. Reclassify Amounts Due
2. Adjust Amounts Billed
3. Abatements
4. Move Credits About Accounts/Years
5. Reverse Cash Receipts on a Deposit
6. Reverse Interest Calc'd on a Date
7. Reverse Penalty Calc'd on a Date
8. Abate Small Amounts Due
9. Eliminate Small Credits
A. Reverse Abatement
B. Apply Credits in a Year


CoreLogic Escrow ExportCoreLogic Escrow Import


1. Cash Receipts Report
2. Status Report
3. Detail Transactions
4. Delinquent Tax Notices
5. Delinquent Tax Report
6. Interest Due/Reminder Notices
7. Mailing Labels
8. Agreements
9. Activity By Transaction Type
A. Available Credits
B. Deposit Report
F. First American Export
H. Systems East Export
Custom Reports Available

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